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"My 4-year-old son was tickled when he saw his face in the truck LOL”

[Eden is writing about the personalized birthday card Watch Me Color.]

Eden C. - Ringwood, NJ

I purchased one of the Personalized Name Tee - Shirt for a baby shower with the baby’s last name on it. The craftsmanship of each letter and animation was impeccable!! Absolutely flawless. The mother-to-be was extremely touched by such a thoughtful and personalized gift. These shirts are the perfect gift for so many different occasions - bachelorette parties, wedding party gifts, children’s parties and any occasion where you want to give a one-of-kind gift. Will definitely be ordering more of these.

Lucretia M. -Teaneck, NJ

McGrath Tee.JPG

"I purchased an At Home Arts and Crafts Craft Bag for my daughter. She loved getting to paint the colors the way she wanted!" "I loved that it gave her a DIY project to work on AND the support /advice from you to make it turn out well!" 

Craig S. W. - Evanston, IL

Adult Tee- Shirts

Ynesie's T-Shirt.jpg
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