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Features and Advantages of  Your  Native Nubian Jewelry Designs

  • For my friends who are Allergic to certain metals, keep in mind when ordering-I use 14K Gold Plated and Sterling Silver Earwire.

  • For my friends who do not have Pierced Ears. I have Gold Tone and Silver Tone Clip-Ons.  They look like pierced earrings! If you have a preference, you can make mention of it on the My Cart Page in the "Memo To Seller" area.

  • Lobster Claw Claspsthe Lobster Claw Clasp has a trigger mechanism, with a small hook. The hook opens when you pull back the lever, and closes when released. 

  • ADVANTAGEYou can fasten and unfasten with one hand if needed. When closed properly the Lobster Claw will not open accidentally. 

  • Spring Ring Clasps: this is a Spring trigger mechanism. It opens an inner slide piece that retracts into the hollow opening in the circular ring. Release the trigger and the inner slide piece slips into the opening at the connecting end of the Spring Ring. 

  • ADVANTAGE-  Everyday functionality. Simple, won't take away from the beauty of your Native Nubian Jewelry design. 

  • Barrel Clasps: Two metal pieces screw together to connect ends. 

  • ADVANTAGEEasy closure for your necklace or choker. Adds a little more elegance to your finished design. 

  • S-Hook Clasps: the S-Hook is attached by sliding one end of the S-Hook onto an O-Ring at the other end of the design. Gently squeeze to close. 

  • ADVANTAGEThe S-Hook is quite simple to use. It adds a little more style to your finished design.

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