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I have been an artist from the first time I held a crayon in my hand! I started out as a "crayon wielding wall artist!"  My mom reminds me from time to time of the wall drawings I used to do with my crayons. When I was presented with my first "oil painting by numbers" set, I left the walls alone. My dad and I would paint for what seemed like hours. I loved the smell of the oil paint. I loved swirling my small paint brush in the small bucket like paint holders.  And I loved applying the different colors to the numbers on the board.

Kindergarten opened up a whole new expression of art for me-CRAFTS! In middle school, my art teacher recognized my art talent. She helped me prepare an art portfolio to present to the panel at the High School of Art & Design, in NYC. A twenty-minute, live model drawing test was given as well as a thirty-minute playground drawing test. Oh Yes, I was accepted! 

My crayon art at age 12.

I studied fine arts in college and then attended an art school of commercial art also in NYC. My goal was to work in an advertising agency and in 1987, I was fortunate to land a job at one. I was part of the Creative Art Department. We were responsible for the art work for TV commercials and magazine ads being presented to clients such as, Welch's, Bounty Paper Towels, TV Guide, Quaker Oats and other well-known products. I was excited to see my art work on TV and in magazines.

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