Chinasa- 20" Choker Set

Rawhide Strung. Large, Medium, Silvermetal Balls. Pinched and Engraved Pattern, Silvermetal Beads. Antique White, Saucer, Old World Beads. Turquoise,

Oval, Old World Bead. Approx. length: 20"

Small, Silvermetal, Balls. Turquoise, Old World, Disc Beads. Large, Silvermetal, Balls. Large, Antique White, Old World Beads. Approx. length: 2 1/2" Earrings.

Sterling Silver Earwire.

Chinasa- 20" Choker Set

  • The Origin of Chinasa is: Ibo

    Meaning: God replies

    The Pronunciation is: chi-NA-sah

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