Samunda- Necklace Set

Leather Strung. Natural, Puffed, Wood Bead. Porcelain, Tube Bead. Small, Natural Wood, Rondelle Bead. Large, Brown, Polished, Wood Bead. Medium, Beige, Round, Wood Bead. Approx. length: 24"

Clear, Nylon Strung. Natural, Puffed, Wood Beads. Brown, Four Sided, Wood Beads. Small, Tan, Polished, Wood Beads. Beige, Four Sided, Wood Beads. Tiny, Beige, Polished, Wood, Beads. Approx. length: 3"

14K Gold Plated Earwire is Hand Crafted.

Samunda- Necklace Set

  • Pronunciation: Sa-MUN-dah

    Meaning of the Name: "Renowned Warrior"

    Origin: African


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