Zuri- Necklace Set

Brown, Leather Strung. Silvermetal Balls. Turquoise, Semi-Precious Oval Bead. Turquoise,

Etched, Bicone Beads. Turquoise, Fluted, Acrylic Bead. Antique Silver Plated (pewter) Butterfly Charm. Approx. length: 23 3/4"

Turquoise, Etched, Bicone Beads. Silvermetal Balls. Turquoise, Semi-Precious Round Balls. Turquoise, Semi-Precious Oval, Turquoise, Glass Balls. Tiny,  Turquoise, Ponybeads. Antique Silver Plated (pewter) Circular Charm.

Approx. length: 4" Matching Earrings. Sterling Silver Earwire is Hand Crafted. S Closure.


Zuri- Necklace Set

  • The Origin of your design is: Eastern Africa

    Meaning: Beautiful

    The Pronunciation is: ZOO-ree 

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