"OMG!" "The painting is beautiful."

"I love it. Thanks. I will be ordering again real soon!" Delford J.

"These African inspired earrings go so well with my Afro-centric outfits."  Cheryl S. H.

I love Caviness Creations Keepsakes featured Native Nubian Jewelry. I love the ethnic personal touch of the jewelry. Thank You Cee for your personal touch and great styles! Diana W.

I recently purchased a "One of a Kind" Tee Shirt. All I did was give an idea of what I wanted to Ms. Caviness. What items I had in mind, appeared on the finished product “to a Tee!"
I'm ready to start ordering my 2019 purchases, and suggest you check out 


Become a customer and you too will applaud her artistry! Zee C.

"I purchased one of these shirts for a baby shower with the baby’s last name on it. The craftsmanship of each letter and animation was impeccable!! Absolutely flawless. The mother-to-be was extremely touched by such a thoughtful and personalized gift. These shirts are the perfect gift for so many different occasions - bachelorette parties, wedding party gifts, children’s parties and any occasion where you want to give a one-of-kind gift.

Will definitely be ordering more of these." ​Lu M.

"For 2 years I am a proud customer of Caviness Creations Keepsakes products. I truly love the versatility that Claudette brings to her customers. You can purchase fine Art Works, Character Crafted Faces on Lollipops,  and Custom Pillows. My favorite is the personal jewelry collections. Each piece created is unique and stylish with a profound essence of Culture and Spirituality.  I am glad you introduced me to your product line of goodies!"  Audrey M.

"I am very happy with my beautiful handcrafted necklace and earrings made by Cee Caviness. I met her Sun. Sept 24 at a vending event we participated in and we really connected. Keep creating awesome pieces and sharing your gift with others."  Sarah F.

"Hello Claudette, I too enjoyed our conversation at the Multicultural Festival in Rutherford.  I would be happy to receive a list of your upcoming events.  As for the items I bought, I am loving them!  I will wear one tomorrow night when we meet some friends for dinner.  You can be sure I will share your contact info with them.  Perhaps they would like to come along with us  to one of your events. I think you are very talented and your jewelry and paintings are beautiful.  I wish you ever increasing success. God bless you for the beauty you put into our world! "  Jean S.

"Thank you so much to Caviness Creations Keepsakes. My daughter's first grade class really enjoyed receiving their lollipops form the Lollipop Shop. The designs were adorable, creative, and well made. Thank you very much, looking forward to seeing other creations you have coming up."  Mia G.

"Purchasing the item was easy and the delivery was prompt.  All good!"  Debbie J.

"I purchased the Olu Chi drop earrings and both the workmanship and the design are just beautiful. I never fail to receive compliments when I wear them. The authentic colors and design work well with just about every outfit. I like them so much I’m going back to buy the Nubian Jewelry Design pillow. Jasmine who cleans and makes my apartment beautiful once in a while saw the pillow and liked it a lot and she loved the earrings I bought. She is in her early 30s with  lots of young friends so she asked me to send her your site and I’m going to ask her to send the site to all her friends and family."  Grace M.

"I love your jewelry, pieces are very pretty.  I'm so happy that our mutual friend told me about your website,  I'm in love!!"  Jasmine F.

"I'm enjoying my pieces I purchased from you last Saturday!"  Jeanette L.

"I am one of Caviness Creations Keepsakes ardent customers. I fell in love with my first order of earrings and have been purchasing others  frequently. Talk about One of a Kind, yes they are! I also have the acrylic painting Desert Flower, that I had to have. It is so beautiful. I have been putting the good word out about you Caviness Creations. You have my GOOD LUCK stamp of approval. Kudos."    Zelma F.

"I purchased the Olapeju earrings, which are a beautiful shade of turquoise set between gorgeous silver fastenings and a white bead at the bottom.  They are very well made and every time I wear them, I receive compliments galore!  All of Caviness Creations’ items are extremely unique.  It’s always a pleasure to treat myself to a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that I know is not mass produced.  I will certainly be ordering more items as they are designed! "

Lucretia M.

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