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Yummy will match your expectations because
they are delightfully moist and flavorful cookies.


Yummy Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies are
made with all natural ingredients.

Taste the 33 Yummy Cookie Box $40.00

Home Baked Per Order.

In the box:
* The Original Yummy Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies.
* Yummy Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cinnamon and Organic Powdered Sugar.
* Yummy Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies with Raisins or (substitute raisin cookies for   
   ginger spice or peanut butter cookies).

Made with recognizable Ingredients: Gluten Free Oat Flour. Unsalted Real Butter.
Egg Whites. A Pinch of Sea Salt. Organic Raw Sugar. Organic
Powdered Sugar.
 Pure Vanilla Extract. Cinnamon Spice. Natural Sun Maid Raisins. (The Substitution: Ginger Spice. Smooth Peanut Butter). And Always, 100% Real Dark Chocolate Chips.

Please allow creative and shipping time of 4 days.

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