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Repeat Customer"The perfect healthy treat does the job for my sweet tooth every time! I love the sweet and salty elements of the cookies, my kinda after dinner or lunch treat! I’m due for a re-up can I place order and pick up this weekend?"

Sadat K. - Englewood, NJ

Repeat Customer“Best Chocolate Chip Cookies ever, Chips Ahoy ain’t got nothing on Yummy!”

Armando F. - Bronx, NY

Repeat Customer"The word “Yummy” is perfect to describe just how good these cookies are. I was addicted from the first bite!"

Cathy O. - Tenafly, NJ

"I’m not a sweets eater but your cookies are delicious. I had to hide them because they were going too fast. My son asked me where I put those cookies!? I will be ordering more soon." 

Desiree P. H. -Bronx, NY

Repeat Customer“I was very excited to try these home baked cookies; the taste matching my expectations! The cookies stay true to its name Yummy; and they are scrumptious to enjoy! I highly recommend Yummy for anyone looking for a dark chocolate chip cookie to enjoy!”


Ynesie A. - Teancek, NJ

My manager tasted your dark chocolate chip cookies and loved them!! I didn't show her the ingredients list and she was able to detect every one! She's a baker too; she said "it takes a talent to use oat flour!"

Eden C. - Ringwood, NJ


“You hear Gluten Free and you think they won’t taste right. WRONG. These cookies are moist and delicious and you can tell they are made with all natural ingredients and love. Try Them, you’ll like them!!!”

Lucretia M. - Teaneck, NJ

"These things are addicting!"


Dadrianna K. - Englewood, NJ

Repeat Customer"Delightfully moist cookies. You don’t have to feel guilty about eating them because you know what’s in them!"

Alsooo the ginger cookies are AMAZING.

Peanut butter is still my favorite but

those are top tier!

Shevena B. -  Hackensack, NJ

“We absolutely loved the cookies! My husband loves chocolate anything, but says he’s never tasted chocolate chip cookies like this…seriously! These cookies need to be on the shelves of Walmart and Target! They are so fresh! Love them! It was packed well! Hubby asked if you can make Peanut Butter cookies!”

India P. P. - Bronx, NY

Repeat Customer: "The Peanut Butter cookies were fire; we loved them. Just had a small glass of almond milk and

3 cookies! I’m a happy girl!"

India P. P. - Bronx, NY

"I'm a professional baker;

your cookies are delicious!"

Elizabeth A. Englewood, NJ

"These cookies are great!

Very healthy-enjoy!"

Diana W. - Hackensack, NJ

"I dove in and started munching on them immediately! Yummy!"

Grace M. - NY, NY

Repeat Customer"I am glad you introduced me to your product line of goodies! I can't get enough of Yummy cookies. Forget those other brand chocolate chip cookies; These are the only brand anyone should buy!" 

Audrey M. - Bronx, NY

"I bought the order to give to my daughter who was going away to college." Rochy wasn't going to try any. She expressed to me that she has an intolerance to gluten. When I told her that Yummy cookies are gluten FREE; she couldn't wait to try one. She ate more than one! "These cookies are delicious and very healthy!"


Rochy C. - Oradel, NJ

I will post the not so great testimonials too! We only learn from critiques. Customer- critiqued that Yummy cookies "are too small".

I explained that Yummy cookies are priced accordingly. 33 Yummy Cookie Box $40.00 There is no shipping fee. If the consensus wants bigger Yummy cookies I'll be glad to raise the prices to keep up with the competition!

Customer- also mentioned, when the box was finally opened the boxed cookies some "were crumbled, fell apart in my hand."

There are storage instructions on the enclosed flyer in the packaging.

Customer- proceeded to inform me delivered box was left unopened for three to four days!


Please do not do that!

Your shipped box contains perishables. Oat flour tends to harden if not stored properly.

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